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Hector's Journal Histories First Email?

So, I spent another beautiful California day hunched over a laptop looking at Cuneiform sites and reading Google books. After a while the Cuneiform turns into bugs and run off the screen.

Exhaustion augments my paranoia. I just finished ‘Pattern Recognition’ from William Gibson and in it somewhere the main character remarks, “even Paranoid Schizophrenics have enemies.” Too true.

Been sleeping in the office, which is always cold, waking up at odd times wondering if I’m safe. And I’m curious, is this the desired effect of our vandal? To keep me busy? Normally I’d be updating our JUMP theory or debunking hotfooted troll videos with Baron.

Now we’re preoccupied with Cuneiform and thinking everybody who looks at us sideways is out to get us. Somewhere in the middle is truth and intuition must be trusted. PIE slices have also been sharing their recent feelings of being watched. (Confidential to Jorge, we’re glad to hear your okay).

So I was lying on the office floor this morning, listening to the thwap, thwap, thwap of baron jumping rope upstairs when it hit me. Whoever posted the symbols knew we broadcast them, in fact I bet they were counting on it. So who would the author want to communicate with? I have a theory and it starts at the beginning of our JUMP timeline.


And now I’m too excited to probably ever sleep again.

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