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Hector's Journal
A Fish Tale

“Your wishes will fry like fishes…”

This is what I have to obsess over as I put our office back together. My lap top is trashed, the hard drive having been torn out. Baron is going bat shit and I feel like I’m standing in the eye of a hurricane. If I could get an hour of peace I feel like I could figure this out. But I get the feeling this shit storm isn’t going to let up.

A few days ago someone on the boards partially translated the Cuneiform to mean “fish.” Coincidence? Unlikely. Cuneiform was the first written language, a gift from the Apkallu, a group of seven gods who arose from Sea. It didn’t click until I did a Google Image search. I’ve posted the images in our media room. Check em’ out.

The threat is definitely for Baron and I, then English portion anyway. The Cuneiform, backwards no less, could be symbolic of something else I think.

Who have we insulted that badly to make an enemy out of? Rival investigators? You Tube hoaxers? Jealous boyfriends? Barons neighborhood association?