We got a big one here today kids.

Here's the situation, Baron and I get a lot of strange emails from folks. They vary from tips, challenges, to mysterious sightings and Nigerian money scams. Some tips are obviously fakes and some of the 'challenges' are people testing us (it's cool, I get it).

We got a message yesterday from a source that wished to stay anonymous. Baron and I gave it a look and we both agree it's legit. Emails back to our 'supposed' source have bounced back. We're going to need bigger brains than ours to figure this one out.

You guys have blown us away with your guts, determination, research and ingenuity. You may not have even realized it but you've become quite a team. And now Baron and I need your expertise.

Here's the message we received...

"Elements are temperamental and experimental. Master them and don't spite your site lest the obvious bite. Elementary my dear Watson? Not on your life. The answer is often the questions master. The journey has a beginning." ---

And now here's the clue.

Download the file at

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