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Hector's Journal It ain't easy...

We’ve got a couple things going on and I want to check in with everybody and make sure we’re all on the same page.

To answer many questions at once, the subject line of the anonymous email sent to us was “I am the door.” Now this screensaver is obviously more than fan art. There is a sequence of red blurred words that reads “Within you without you” and there are another set of rollover words inside.

What does it say? I can’t tell. But then again I still got a beta VCR in my house so I’m probably not going to be too much help here. Unless you want to come over and watch “Flashdance.”

We’ve got some awesome researchers on our board and the team has made a lot of headway with the fish business. We seem to agree the Cuneiform message involves fish, water or fatherhood and could be tied to the first JUMP. They’re a lot of great interpretations of these themes on the Thoughts and Speculations area. It’s important for us to keep an open mind and considered all of the possibilities.

The Byberry institution was the site of the first PIE investigation in 2005. It was also our first failure. After receiving several strange tips about the institution, Baron and I broke in and tried to find evidence of supernatural or criminal activity. Despite being creepy as hell inside, we never found anything to corroborate our information.

Shortly after our intrusion, the place was bulldozed and condos built. But something about the place never sat right with Baron and I. The case remains open. I’m going to dig through our old VHS files and see if we can’t have that transferred to digital for you guys.

Hopefully we’ll get a chance to catch our collective breaths and find out whose messing with us and get back to JUMP research.

But somehow I doubt it.

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