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thumb|480px|left|The PIE Guys, Hector Macchiato and Baron Rude, respond to Big Travis' Sighting video

Hector's Journal

Day at the Beach

So I spent my morning catching up on the Omar Khayyam Rubaiyat and I think that clue was someone’s idea of attempted murder cause that book is boring me to death.

No offenses to the poetry lovers out there but my favorite books generally have a staple holding them together. Mysterius the Unfathomable, I’m talking about you. But the Rubaiyat has appeared in some strange places throughout history, which makes its inclusion in our screensaver something to look into.

Baron returned from his solo trip into the woods, with nothing to show for it but some homeless guys teddy bear. Now, he’s in a worse mood than he was before. And he wonders why I didn’t want to go with him into the woods. Still I’m curious to see if he shot any footage, if only to see how he got his clothes so dirty.

Side note: We've got more questions than answers. We need more smart people to join our growing think tank of investigators.

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The Baron Files

Worry no more my friends; I am literally out of the woods. To bad Hec had to stay home and change his colostomy bag because today’s investigation was a game changer.

I returned to the tree in question and discovered the strange objects we’d seen had been removed. The goop remained; surprisingly it tasted better than a protein shake after two hours of heavy lifting. Kidding, nothing tastes better than a protein shake after cutting your deltoids.

At the site I also discovered some strange metallic rocks, a long lost uncle and…something incredible. Excited? Me too. But before I share it, I’ve got to make sure Hec’s weak little heart can take it.

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Posted on 2009-04-15 @